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1 to 24 months French courses

Ready to improve your French? With Captain Language you’ll progress at your own pace, learning on an enjoyable and innovative e-learning platform. At home, at the office or even on holiday, learn on your computer, your tablet or smartphone.

Captain Language offers you French courses for 1 to 24 months. Learn via your computer, tablet or smartphone without limit. After the placement test (about 30 minutes) you have access to over 150 lessons preparing you for various subjects: “Introducing yourself”, “Making acquaintances”, “Giving and understanding directions”, “Hotel reservations”… Numerous real-life situations which allow you to get along perfectly on your next trip abroad or in your work environment.

Our program offers more than 150 lessons. Depending on your level, you will work on: " Se présenter", " Faire connaissance ", " Demander et indiquer le chemin", "Réserver une chambre d’hôtel"… (see the full lessons list).

The lessons, each 30 to 45 minutes long, help you to get familiar with everyday-French. In order not to forget anything, you can download the sheets summarizing the most important points of the lesson.

Captain Language gives you the possibility to work on specific vocabulary money, the kitchen, the house, animals… You will do exercises on the vocabulary linked to your level. The vocabulary basket contains over 1000 words which are essential for being able to converse in french.

You wish to work on a specific grammar topic? Learn or revise the articles, the auxiliaries, the pronouns, the question tags, the tenses… You will do many exercises and can of course print out the grammar sheets.

When learning a language, the written and oral comprehension is essential. That’s why Captain Language invites you to work on subjects taken from everyday life (asking the time, asking for directions, taking a taxi, postponing a meeting). You will also learn to make introductions, express your preferences, talk about others or yourself.

Every day, Captain Language chooses lots of current articles for you. This way you will work on topics the media are talking about at present.

The section “News” also allows you to work on your own texts. Simply copy-paste one of your french texts or an article from the internet to create exercises around the texts of your choice.

Besides the lessons, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, expression and news, you can relax by watching videos chosen by Captain Language, discovering famous quotes, reliving moments from history or reading Captain Language’s jokes.

At any time you can look up the meaning of a word or its translation, and listen to it or pronounce it yourself. How? Just double-click on the word you don’t know (yet).

15 days before your training ends, a test to assess your level is offered to you to measure your progress.

In order to learn with Captain Language, you need a computer (PC or Mac) with the latest version of Flash Player installed (download here), an Internet connection and speakers, or even better, a headset with a microphone to practice your pronunciation.

Please note: certain parts of the program operate using Flash Player, which isn’t possible on an iPad, for example. That’s why we have created a special version for mobile devices, allowing you to access the course via your smartphone or tablet, no matter which brand. To do so, click on “Mobile access”.

Concerning the CEFRL(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), we chose to work with the following levels for our program: Beginner, Elementary (A1-A2), Intermediate (B1-B2) and Advanced (C1-C2). These can be adapted to your profile and interests. The program continues to adapt to your progress throughout the course.

If you have selected the wrong language while making your order or if you want to change the level of your course, please contact us via the contact form. To change the interface language of the platform, click on "My Account" and then change the language as shown in the image below.

Please note that in order to allow a full immersion in the language of the course, the instructions of the exercises are given in the target language. If you do not know certain words, try to use the dictionary and the translation tools available on the platform.

Of course! You just have to subscribe twice (once for each language). Each course will be tailored to your level.

Now they have become Captain Language.

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